Wishes for 2024

In early October of this year, I participated in Spirit Rock’s Fall silent retreat in Woodacre, CA. We took our silence in sitting, walking, eating, and doing one job per day to support the community. 

The instruction for the walking meditation is to walk a few feet, stop, turn around, and walk the same few feet. Repeat until you hear the bell which marks end of the meditation. One of our teachers explained walking meditation is the practice of letting go. The stopping before you turn around is the act of letting go. 

During one walking meditation, three phrases came to mind. Each phrase matches a movement of the walk:

Step 1: May I let go of what is not serving me.

Step 2: May I be steady and strong.

Step 3: May I meet each moment with ease.

Phrases change over time, depending on what we need to hear. For now, the above phrases will be part of my toolkit in meeting the unknown challenges that are sure to come in 2024. 

Towards the end of my retreat, I started to send the same wishes to my family and friends.

May you let go of what is not serving you.

May you be steady and strong.

May you meet each moment with ease.

As we embark upon the new year, may you find words or phrases that will support you in navigating the unknown challenges throughout 2024.