Life can be hard. As a teenager, I struggled – with perceived pressure from my parents, and real pressure from myself. I needed to do well in school, to get into a good college, and to get a job. I did what was expected without ever asking myself if this is what I really wanted. These stresses led to depression, which made life even more difficult.

When I first met my husband, he planted an idea in my head that children can help us grow as human beings. The journey of parenthood was both very challenging, and immensely rewarding. I learned that conflicts with your children are not to be avoided, but welcomed as opportunities for cultivating a deeper relationship with them.

I have developed practical tools to work with my own stress, and shared these tools with the students I worked with in a Silicon Valley high school as their first Wellness Center Coordinator. Tools can make life easier, but only if we practice using them. Practice takes time and commitment, but the benefit is they become accessible to you during times of stress, which is when you most need them. It’s best to practice with a teacher or mentor, and if possible, within a community. 

My purpose is to use these tools to help teens and parents navigate the challenges of family life. I will help you find the right tools to help reduce stress, and through better communication to create deeper connections within your family. 

You can: