Here is what participants and parents are saying about the MSC-Teens program:

“I liked learning the various coping techniques to help me de-stress

and calm down. I also felt that the program helped me be kinder towards myself.”


“I’ve learned to appreciate more of what I have in my life.”


“The facilitators are great. They are kind and I would

recommend this program to my friends.”


“I use the imaginary friend to help me calm down in stressful situations

and there is a change in my perspective like how I feel kinder to myself.  

I learned how to accept myself and not to hate myself.”


“I liked this class – it really helped to open my eyes to

different mindfulness techniques!”


“This was beneficial for teens receiving eating disorder treatment.

Groups were moderated in ways that supported the participants

in feeling comfortable.”


“Alex and Marina create a welcoming and trusting environment.

Thank you Taarika Foundation for providing the opportunity for my

family to experience a wonderful program that truly helped towards my

child’s mental health with depression, anxiety, and self-esteem.”


Here is what participants are saying about the Communication workshops:

“Believe it or not, your workshop helped us get consensus as a

family on a difficult topic, that would otherwise have

been unapproachable. Thank you!”


“The [workshop] series expands your mind to think in awareness

you may have never thought to explore before.”


“I’m learning to take risks by sharing my feelings and needs in a

more genuine way. This gives me confidence and a better sense of

connecting with family, friends, and colleagues.”


What I enjoyed the best from this workshop is to have a

“stimulation discussion” to think more what the real message

might be from my kids’ talk back.  The group sharing helps me

to understand myself more objective.”


“People in the class are soaking up the information.  It is beautiful,

the way we all want to do this thing call communication –

better! – and with more heart!  Very uplifting!” 


“In each workshop, Marina received positive feedback by

engaging the audience through interactive activities and visual

props.  She stimulated great thought and dialogue among

participants and made examples specific to the audience

to help them identify their feelings and needs in situations.”


“I benefited greatly from listening to other mothers share stories […].

Marina is patient and knowledgeable and sensitive to the

needs of all the individuals in the group.” 


“Marina has done a great job facilitating our parenting class.

She works hard to keep our group focused, and brings out the

real needs from our group members. I learned a lot!”


“I don’t think I would be so calm and have acceptance of our

new schooling situation without having known Marina and

without having spent time with this group. You have helped

me in many ways to change my perspectives, open my eyes,

and soften my heart. Thank you, Marina and all.”