Mindful Self-Compassion 8 Week Course

Course Description

Our self-talk has a powerful impact on our perception and wellbeing. Negative self-talk and thoughts can lead to increased stress and unhappiness. The Mindful Self Compassion program explores how our inner critical voice may contribute to this, and teaches strategies to decrease the volume of our inner critic and increase the volume of our compassionate voice.

Talking to ourselves in a more compassionate way leads to a more positive view and outlook of ourselves. The MSC program begins by creating a safe space in which participants explore how to treat themselves with the same kindness as they would a good friend. Topics include:

  1. Why self-compassion is more reliable than self-esteem,
  2. Being self-compassionate is not being self-indulgent or lazy,
  3. Role of the inner critical voice (or inner critic),
  4. Finding our compassionate voice,
  5. Identifying our core values, and how we can treat ourselves compassionately even when we don’t meet our own standards.
  6. Being with difficult emotions.

We explore these and other topics through exercises, videos, discussions, meditations, and movement practices. The program closes with a look at the power of gratitude.


Marina Barnes

Fee: $350 / participant

Signing Up: Please connect with Marina at [email protected]