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I completed the 108 Day Challenge on Friday, the 13th which has always been lucky for me.  Never thought I would do 108 days of yoga and meditation.  The most beneficial part of this entire process is practicing more meditation.  Here are some insights I gained:

1.  There are lots happening.  If we take the time to listen, even if it’s a few seconds, we will become aware of all that is going on.  Otherwise, we only get a slice of  it and we’re really missing out.

2.  Even when there is chaos going on outside, I can slip into the semi-circle field of a seated meditation.  From this space, I am calm and at peace.  The more time I spend sitting in this space, the more empowered I am able to maintain my calm and peace; even if it’s only for a few moments before the next thought comes along.  It’s almost like turning the dial down on the radio and enjoying the muted silence.

3.  My “New Year’s resolution” is not to assume anything and this is one of my biggest challenges.  I was reminded how hard this is for me while waiting for a meditation class.   I was enjoying a conversation with a fellow student.  After some time, which seemed like quite a long time, I got anxious, walked into Luna, and then regretted it because everyone was coming out of their shavasana.  If (the BIG if) I had only taken the time to peek through the glass door, I would have known and prevented myself from causing disruption to the class.  Apologies to those who were in this class.

4.  I started to practice asking for what I want to see more of in my life, because I was getting resentful I was not receiving the acts of kindness I deserved! (No wonder, I was not getting them!!)  If I can remind myself to give without doubting why I am giving; and not get off centered by the thoughts of resentment, then others start giving you what you don’t even expect.  This is a million times better because you now have a sense of being truly given to.  There is a balance in asking for what you want and waiting for what life unfolds for you organically.

5.  Outcome is pretty important and hard to let go.  However, the process of taking the time to feel, breathe, reflect, and connect is really the heart of the matter.  Very hard to keep this in perspective when you put on the parenting hat.

6.  Very very grateful for my life today which I can so easily loose sight of.  Much gratitude and appreciation to Breathe Yoga Studio’s teachers for creating the space for learning, breathing, reflecting, and being.

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